Musharaka Capital

Musharaka Murabahat & Sukuk Fund

Musharaka Murabahat & Sukuk Fund

  • REIT
    (Licensed by CMA & Compatible with Islamic SHARIA)
    • Unit Price (as of 21 Jul 2024)

       11.1809 SAR

    • Annualized Return (since beginning of the year)


The Musharaka Murabahat and Sukuk Fund is designed to protect investors’ capital whilst achieving a higher rate of returns in the short-to-medium term through investments in Murabahat, Sukuk, and similar funds.

The Fund Manager analyzes interest rates and money market conditions and identifies the most lucrative opportunities in the market. The Fund invests in government and quasi-government Sukuks launched by GCC sovereign wealth funds and allows investors to maximize on excess liquidity with the flexibility of redemption.

  • Fund Type

    Open Ended Fund

  • Change (From Start)


  • Expenses Ratio


  • Management Fees


  • NAV

    40,976,996.57 SAR

  • Valuation Days

    Any business day (From Sunday toThursday) excluding public holidays 


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Minimum investment (SAR 10,000 for individuals – SAR 50,000 for institutions) 
Investing in Musharaka Murabahat and Sukuk fund give individuals and institutions a chance to diversify their investment through investing in Islamic Debt Market within GCC Countries. 
Yes, Musharaka Murabahat and Sukuk fund in line with the Sharia standards.
You can subscribe by contact Musharaka Relationship Team: Phone 8001251111 Email: [email protected]
Investors can monitor the fund data and news within the below websites: 
-CMA website
-Tadawul Website
-Fund Manager Website
The is no subscription fee to invest in the fund.

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