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Board Message

Board Message

The global economic landscape is changing, and a Digital Economy is emerging where increased con-nectivity is moving us closer towards a cashless economy.

Today, customers are empowered with information and tools that make everyday transactions faster, easier and seamless. This demand for ease and immediacy has carried through to banking and wealth management. Clients now expect an investment banking experience that leverages the latest custom-er first technologies to deliver innovative products and services and a truly customized investment banking experience.

Supported by our agility, Musharaka is embracing these changes and adapting to meet customer expectations. We are advancing our digital transformation journey; utilizing big data and machine learning to gain market insights and exploring robotic process automation and blockchain to empower our clients with tools that provide them with competitive advantage when making decisions about their wealth.

As technology drives change, at Musharaka, we believe that one thing remains the same - the value of honest human relationships - a powerful element in shaping exceptional customer experiences. That is why we are powered not only by technology, but also by our people. Musharaka’s world class team of financial experts deliver personalized asset management solutions, thinking outside the box to provide opportunities that may not be readily available in the market. Our experts keep their finger on the market’s pulse to navigate challenges, and take advantage of opportunities, whilst remaining steadfastly risk conscious as we preserve, protect and grow our clients’ wealth.

As we are responsible for our clients’ sustainable prosperity, so too do we feel a corporate responsibility to our society and economy. We are a keen supporter of Vision2030 and as such have aligned our business and investment strategy to support economic diversification as we work towards our shared vision of a stronger, more sustainable economy and prosperous future for the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.