Musharaka Capital

La Perla Fund

  • REIT
    (Licensed by CMA & Compatible with Islamic SHARIA)
    • Operating Date

      31 Dec. 

    • Fund Size


“La Perla” Fund, is a closed private real estate investment fund that complies with the Shariah standards, established in accordance with the investment funds regulations issued by the Board of the CMA in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The main objective of the fund is to achieve capital appreciation through its acquisition of a raw land located on the Corniche Road in the city of Khobar in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and with direct sea borders from the eastern and southern sides, with a total plot area of 180,000 square meters.
The exit strategy of the fund is through selling the whole land, after achieving capital appreciation during the life of the fund.
In July 2022, The company successfully terminated and liquidated the fund with a return on investment of 95.59%.

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