Musharaka Capital

Musharaka Margin Financing Fund

Musharaka Margin Financing Fund

  • REIT
    (Licensed by CMA & Compatible with Islamic SHARIA)

The Fund seeks to provide Unitholders with stable and predictable income with a target return of SAIBOR 3 month plus 200 basis points, as well as capital appreciation by investing in Murabhat contracts and Margin financing contracts in coordination with the Musharaka Brokerage Units' " Operational Manager “. It should be noted that there is no assurance that the fund will achieve its target return

  • Fund Type

    Open Private Fund

  • Change (From Start)


  • Expenses Ratio


  • Management Fees


  • NAV

    10,000,000 SAR

  • Valuation Days

    The fund manager evaluates the assets of the fund monthly at the end of each Georgian month

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