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Musharaka Capital is licensed by the Capital Market Authority (CMA) (license no. 13169-27) on 23/10/2013, And starts the operations on 12/05/2014, and (CR no. 2051056409), Musharaka Capital is a diversified dealing as principal, investment fund management, Discretionary Portfolio Management, arranging, advisory and securities custody service provider.

Musharaka ensures that its diversified product offerings are Sharia-compliant, while also adhering to strict investment criteria and high transparency standards.

You can open an investment account by visiting the Company's Head Office in Al-Khobar, or by contacting the customer service representatives on 8001251111 or E-mail: [email protected]

Musharaka Capital is a company specialized in managing investment funds and providing investment services; it does not provide direct finance to individuals, but it provides services related to arranging finances for institutions.

Musharaka Capital offers many investment products, such as: Musharaka IPO Fund, Musharaka REIT Fund, Musharaka Murabahat & Sukuk Fund, and other privare real estate funds; in addition to the services related to private equity, capital increase, mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, finance arrangement for institutions, capital markets consultations, custody services, and discretionary portfolio management (DPM).

You can invest with Musharaka Capital by opening an investment account, then choosing the investment product compatible with your investment desires and risk tolerance.

"Musharaka REIT Fund" is a closed-end public real estate traded investment fund. The Fund's strategy is to invest in structurally developed real estate assets capable of achieving regular rental income. The Fund Manager is also committed not to invest in white lands; in addition to the annual distribution of 90% of the Fund's net income to the investors.

By entering the Tadawul platform and buying or selling the Fund’s units directly, same as the mechanism of buying and selling stocks of the listed companies.